A recommendation from a friend can be worth it’s weight in gold. These products are true problem solvers.  I don’t receive any payments or endorsements from these companies. I simply hope you’ll find them helpful.


Brava Adhesive Remover Spray

Brava aerosol spray is the best adhesive remover on the market.  You can purchase it through Amazon or your medical supply company.  My skin was irritated, angry  and painful.  Tugging and tearing to remove my wafer, turned my skin from bad to worse!  Brava spray was a life changer.  It contains no alcohol to sting your skin and magically melts away the wafer adhesive.  No pain, no tearing, tugging or pulling – no majic wand required.

Activated Charcoal

This is a two for one recommendation.  Activated charcoal helps control gas (pouch ballooning), bloating and odor.  There’s evidence that it may also help lower cholesterol.  I take two at every meal and at bedtime.  Drinking alcohol will reduce it’s effectiveness.

High waisted Leggings & Capris

These legging and capris are high waisted and oh so comfortable with an ostomy.  The flat wide waist band sits comfortably above your stoma.  Pair with a long flowy tunic or wear them to the gym.  I wear these at lest twice a week.

Flowy Tunic

A-Line silhouettes are flattering to many figure types and the flowy styling is perfect for concealing an ostomy.  This is one of my go-to blouses.  Pair with a pair of leggings and heals for a night on the town.  Comfortable, stylish and concealing.

Foldable Scissors for the Ostomy on the GO

I like to carry a pair of scissors in my ostomy kit.  The problem is, scissors aren’t very easily portable.  These scissors fold up to cover the blades, making them small and perfectly portable.  Fiskars is a brand you can trust.

M9 Deodorizing Drops

These odor eliminating drops are available online or through your medical supply company.  Just a few drops do a fantastic job of eliminating odor.  I suggest buying a large bottle and a small refillable travel size.

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