The Teddy Bear with an Ostomy

Ollie is a Teddy Bear with his own red button for a stoma and removable ostomy pouch.

Ollie is gifted to children in the hospital who've undergone ostomy surgery.

WOCN's   (Wound Ostomy Continent Nurses) present pediatric patients with the Ollie Teddy Bears.  This assures all privacy standards are upheld.

WOCN Society Sponsorship-St Louis Affiliate

The People who make it Possible.....

Individual, Group and Corporate sponsorships continue to make it possible to gift hundreds bears to children all over the United States and Canada.  We do our best to gift the bear to a child in the same area as the sponsor.

Each bear includes a tag with his sponsor's Name


Individual Sponsorship

Affliate Group Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

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How it all began.....


While recovering from my own ostomy surgery, I searched the web looking for help, encouragement and connection.  Despite being surrounded by loving family and friends, I felt isolated and alone. Recovery from ostomy surgery is just as much emotional as physical. Quite by accident, I came upon a stuffed Bunny half way around the world, with an ostomy. Stuffed animals are NOT my thing, but something inside me had to have it!    The Bunny, the currency exchange and shipping cost a fortune, but the bunny was in the mail.

Weeks later the Bunny arrived.  I retrieved the package from my porch, opened it and my reaction took me completely by surprise.  A wave of emotion washed over me, comfort, encouragement, hope and happiness.  At this moment, I realized this was the first Ostomate I’d ever met!   

This experience set me on a mission to pay it forward, a mission to spread this same hope, comfort and encouragement to other Ostomates so I created Awesome Ollie the Teddy Bear with an Ostomy. 

Thanks to the UOAA, I found deep connection and support through my local Affiliate Support Group.  I approached the group to help sponsor Awesome Ollie Teddy Bears for children who undergo ostomy surgeries at our local children’s hospital, which performs over 100 pediatric ostomy surgeries per year.  The groups response was overwhelming and the Big Bear project was off and running.

Thanks to many individuals, groups and companies, Ollie has brightened the lives of children and adults with ostomies all over the United States and Canada, as we strive to gift the bears to Ostomates in the donor’s area.  A giant wall map in my office is covered with Teddy Bear stickers.  It’s a reminder of all the places Ollie is brightening the lives of Ostomates.

 The Big Bear Project started on a local level with a group of people willing to put compassion into action.  Thank you to the members of the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County for your continued support.  Your impact is Global.

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