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Ostomy Surgery-  5 Things they DON’T tell You!

I woke up from Ostomy surgery full of questions and a little panicked.

Here’s what you need to know……


Easier Emptying

Inexpensive tip that makes emptying your ostomy pouch easier.   Wouldn’t it be great if things just slid effortlessly out of your pouch when emptying?

Baby Bib?

What in the world does a baby bib have to do with an ostomy?  Turns out, its a novel solution for a common problem – sweating under your ostomy pouch.

Get Connected:

You are NOT alone.  In the United States, nearly half a million people, newborns to adults, have had Ostomy surgery. No need to go it alone.  A wealth of support, encouragement and friendship are waiting for you.

$10  Pouch Concealment

Is your ostomy pouch noticable under your clothes? Does it make crinkly noises when you walk?  Here’s how to keep your pouch flat, smooth and quiet, without restricting flow.

Simple solution to pouch ballooning

G-A-S !   A solution to your puffy pouch.  It’s hard to hide an ostomy pouch full of hot air and muffle active noisy stomas.  Here’s a little tip that’s a HUGE help.

Biodegradable, flush-able ostomy bag liners

These make emptying a breeze!  No more squeezing, rinsing, or wiping!  These liners are flush-able and much more sanitary.  Perfect for the person on the go (pun intended).

*For use with a 2 pc ostomy system


Odor Reducer

An oral odor reducer you can find at your local drug store.  This was an accidental happy surprise. Reduced odor AND gas prevention – a double whammy for pennies.

Turn your favorite undies into your favorite Ostomy Undies

This simple DIY project will keep your pouch laying flat against your body, virtually undetectable.

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