Quick and Easy Ostomy camouflage

Make busy patterns work to your advantage.  Flowy fabric and a busy pattern make your pouch virtually disappear – Presto!  These blouses have an A-line shape that is flattering on all figures.

The Art of Distraction

Visually draw the eye away from your pouch.  A bold necklace or a colorful scarf  paired with a solid dark shirt will draw focus to your face and shoulders.

Panel Dress

These dresses are ideal for the less than perfect figure and concealing your ostomy.  The dark side panels have a slimming effect, while the long lean center panel conceals.

Triple Threat Dress

This dress has 3 things that make it an Ostomy Fashion triple threat, A-line silhouette, busy pattern and stretch fabric


Jeans, a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.  How do you find jeans that are comfortable, don’t rub up against your stoma and don’t restrict output?  A challenging conundrum with an unexpected solution.  Seriously, these are the MOST COMFORTABLE jeans I’ve ever worn!  I’ll never go back!  This brand from Amazon comes in every style; straight leg, skinny jeans, boot-cut and capri.  They’re comfortable and affordable.


Fit & Flair

Fun and flirty way to hide your ostomy.  The flaired bottom leaves plenty of room for your pouch and is particularly flattering to pear shaped figures

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